Co-Work Space

Our co-working alliance was created not just for the small business, but for mothers, individuals, freelancers, business travelers, client meetings, photographers, chefs and more. Not in need of an office but want help getting started?Regardless of the plan you choose, get a fully equipped workspace that includes facilities, furniture, high-speed internet and a staffed reception.

THE ALLIANCE NETWORK: Connect with other members through our online community. You can ask questions, share stories, announce product launches and other good news, invite others to events, promote your job listings, or simply find someone to grab a beer with. It’s a great way to start meaningful relationships with creative entrepreneurs and business leaders.

What does a membership with the alliance include?

· SUPER-FAST, RELIABLE INTERNET: The space offers consistent Wi-Fi access. Private IP addresses and server storage are available at an additional cost.

· CONFERENCE ROOM TIME: All plans include a monthly credit that can be used to reserve conference arena.


· Dedicated seating including for you and clients lockable filing cabinets are available for a low rental cost. Your pop-up office includes seating for up to 4 people. If you require lockable filing cabinets are available for a low rental cost.


· One open use multi-function copier/scanner/printer available.


· We are one of the only co-working spaces offering an in-house chef and bar-tending service with exclusive menus from gourmet lunches to in house specialty lemonade stand.

· We also offer an exclusive opportunity for pop-shops and small business vendor expos.

· We bring in consultants monthly that will help you grow, plan and execute the next phases of your idea or business.

· Yes, we have games available too. From Uno to ping pong, every month we change the game so you can stay


· The Alliance is a community of creators, leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. Meet and connect with like-minded people and companies at our weekly and monthly events.

What membership plans do you offer?


· Access to our digital Member Network, events and services - perfect for people who wish to connect with our community but may only need space a one or two days a month.
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3 days per month

Our Starter Membership serves as a premium virtual membership and local office meet-up to connect and grow your idea, concept and business.

The membership includes a mailing address, plus reduced cost for access to all D Loft events, seminars and more to help you grow personally and professionally.

This is a 3-month membership commitment is just what you need to get you started with the alliance.


2 days per week

The motivated co-worker receives everything in the starter package and more. Perfect for those that need a remote workspace for staffers, client meetings, quick trainings and more.


The Lounge/Presentation and Conference Arena Only


Drop-in Rate


3 days per week

The dedicated professional that needs space weekly.


4 days per week

Open Co-workers get 8/4 access to drop and work anytime in the floating desk areas. This includes unlimited conference rooms and discounted member events. Internet. Mailbox. Pricing