Thank you for choosing The D Loft Café. The Café will be home to close to over 100 food-based entrepreneurs over the course of a 5-year commitment to our current location which places a vested interest into ensuring each professional and potential customer that walks in our doors is successful on three levels.
Inspired by what we serve, Excited about their experience with our teams and most importantly leaving with a memory and ready for the next experience.
Hours of operation: M-Sat 11am- 6pm and Sunday: 12p-5p.

The café is focused on being a hub for the food industry beyond a commercial space. We are acting as an incubator/distribution channel to increase our chef inspired creators' food footprint.
As the distribution service we are able to sell direct to consumer or corporate accounts, we can deliver and service customers for pick-ups of private/large orders and we act as a marketing channel to gain more traction for our food professionals.
We are food that inspires you.


9427 Jos Campau,

Hamtramck, MI 48212