June 2019


The D Loft is a Michigan Limited Liability Corporation. You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to make a reservation.

Use of the Venue

You, your Permitted Invitees, and your vendors will have access to your venue starting at the beginning of your rented time block (and no earlier). At the end of your rented time block, your Permitted Invitees shall have exited the venue, and your event must be complete. You and your vendors shall have completed take down and departed the venue within 1 hour of your allotted time block. Additional time in thevenue required or requested in excess of your rented time block will incur additional fees billed at a rate of $100 per hour before midnight and $250 per hour after midnight.

Venue Cancellations and No Refund Policy

Circumstances requiring you to cancel/change event date your event will cause the following conditions to apply. All events canceled 6 months or more in advance will receive acredit toward hosting another event at your chosen D Loft Location Venue equal to the amount paid by you toward your event (a “*Venue Credit*”). Any event cancelled within 6 months of the event will not be eligible to receive a Venue Credit, and any amounts paid by you toward your event will be forfeited. The D Loft *DOES NOT*, under any circumstance, refund any amounts paid toward an event. Under no circumstances are customers able to downgrade their contracted reservation.*Corporate events occurring between 7am and 5pm, please see Addendum A.*

Venue Credit

Your Venue Credit cannot be marketed or advertised for sale. Marketing or advertising your Venue Credit will result in immediateforfeiture. For eligible Venue Credits, the following rules apply:

- The Venue Credit must remain with you. You may transfer your Venue Credit to someone you know provided that said transferee enters into a new booking agreement.
- A Venue Credit is valid to use for up to 1 year from the original contracted event date.
- A Venue Credit is only valid at the original reserved location and cannot be used across city or state lines.

Date Change

The D Loft may allow for only ONE event date change, subject to the following conditions:

- You must contact us to move the date 3 or more months in advance. Once you are within 6 months you are unable to change the date.
- Changing your date does function like a cancellation where we cancel your first date and then use your venue credit to rebook you a new date. Therefore, if you choose to change your date a venue credit must be approved by management only in writing.
- You may run the risk of no longer having a venue credit if you decide
to cancel your event again.

Security Requirements

All D Loft based evening based events will require a security professional to be on premise after 8pm until the end of the event. The security professional is for general client coverage. They are not responsible for guest management at door entry.* If the client requires a security professional to do door monitoring (general pat down) an additional fee of $125.00 will be applied to the clients account. All additional security professionals added to an event are $100.00 per person added.

Camera Monitoring/Surveillance

Safety at The D Loft is the shared responsibility of clients, staff, and the community. The D Loft is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for clients and guests.

The purpose of security and safety video monitoring / recording is to enhance security and the safety of persons and property through electronic security patrol of common areas, monitoring access to facilities, documentation of incidents, and assisting security professionals in
criminal or misconduct investigations. Video monitoring cameras may be stationary or worn Security Professionals.

All public areas are subject to security video monitoring. Security Professionals may record interactions with the public or guest in response
to issues during an event or investigating criminal or misconduct activities.

Right of Cancellation/Removal

If at any time security/attendant or building owner feels the client or guest are a challenge to the venue or event they can/will be escorted off premise by security or police. The decision is purely based upon the actions that determined the decision for removal. In addition this act will/can result in forfeiting the refundable security deposit along with additional cost or fines.

Prohibited Activities

You acknowledge that neither you, nor your Permitted Invitees, are permitted to do any of the following while on premise the venue. Under the circumstance that any of these prohibited activities are violated, the appropriate fees will be charged to the customer.

- Conduct any acts that are criminal or torturous in nature
- Promote illegal behavior or do anything to enable illegal acts to be performed
- Use tobacco of any kind (*smoking, chewing and/or vaping*) outside of designated areas.
- This applies to Marijuana in states that the usage is legal.
- Possess and/or use firearms, explosives or fireworks of any kind, including, but not limited to, legal and illegal fireworks, firecrackers, or similar items, except as expressly permitted by The D Loft.
- Possess and/or use confetti, Silly String (or like products), or glitter of any kind.
- Use tape, tacks, or staples on any walls, floors, doors, furniture, or existing décor.
- Engage in gambling of any kind.
- Bring a pet into venue, except for service animals (such as guide dogs), or pay an additional damage fee deposit of $250.00.
- Move or rearrange fixtures, furnishings or other items of removable personal property in the venue without prior written permission is subject to a reduction in security deposit.
- Damage fixtures, furnishings, furniture, or other items in the venue or provided/owned by The D Loft.
- Use candles not properly contained in a vessel taller than the candle itself and built to catch all drippings.

Alcoholic Beverages

You acknowledge The D Loft is not responsible for providing bar services. All alcohol must be provided as a complimentary item. If sold on premise event will be closed down and you, your Permitted Invitees will be ask to vacate the building.

Payment Details

The total price and monthly payments vary depending on which payment term you select. The maximum length of the payment term is based on how far in advance you secure your date. To secure your reservation, an initial payment is required. The amount of the initial payment will vary depending on the total cost of the event.

- All venue or rental reservations less than $250 are required to pay in full.
- Should you elect a payment plan (autopay may be required), we do require payments weekly/bi-weekly or monthly and the remaining balances must be paid in full 7 days before the event date. Maximum payment term is 12 months for qualifying events.
- All initial payments are a minimum of the greater of 30%.
- Should one of your auto payments decline there is a processing fee of $39.00. We require that the balance due that month is paid before your next monthly payment; otherwise, your event is at risk to be cancelled.
- You may be requested to authorize The D Loft to maintain an open account on your credit card and/or checking account (your “Open Account”). You hereby agree that The D Loft may, in its sole discretion, charge your Open Account to compensate The D Loft for, among other things, (i) damages to the venue caused by you or your Permitted Invitees, and (ii) any unauthorized use of the venue by you or your Permitted Invitees including, but not limited to, use of the venue that is not consistent with the Intended Purpose for any reason. *Corporate Clients please see Addendum A.*

No Refund On Décor Items

The D Loft and Luxe Premier Event Rental Services (TDL/LPER) has several décor items that can be added to a reservation such as, backdrops, tent ceiling designs, and furniture. Once these items have been added they cannot be refunded but the cost for these items can be reallocated to other services that we provide.

Entire Agreement

You acknowledge that this Agreement, comprises the entire agreement between you and The D Loft, and that this Agreement supersedes all prior discussions regarding the subject matter herein. No modification to this shall be binding upon you or The D Loft unless made in writing and signed by you and an authorized representative of The D Loft.

Linen Policies

The D Loft appreciates how linens can elevate an event, and therefore, we have chosen to partner with Fabulous Fabrics offering a large variety of options for our clients. Your linen order can be processed by a Fabulous Fabrics Coordinator at, please provide date and event time when placing order. They have direct packages for all D Loft clients. You agree that Linen orders processed within 15/30 days of your event are subject to rush shipping and additional charges.

Engagement Party

Sealing the deal with an engagement party should fall within a few months of the proposal. We call this the sweet spot between carefree, just-engaged life and the kick-off to serious wedding planning.

Dinner for 2 (anniversary, proposal or first date)

Bring the special one in your life, some music and of course the chef. 3-8 course meal in a private space and enough dance floor to dance in the stars. We even have a special room for the romantic movie. What else do you need to make it memorable?

Anniversary Celebration (5, 10, 15, 20, 50)

Bring back fond memories of a couple's special day. It is also a celebration of the couple's enduring commitment and love to each other. Bring the family and friends to celebrate this special occasion and make it another night to remember.


What hours can I rent The D Loft?
Rent The D Loft Monday - Thursday from 8am - 9pm and Friday - Sunday from 8am - 1am.

Do I have to make a deposit to hold the space?
Yes, a 50% deposit is due after walk through.

Do I have to pay the full amount of the rental before my event?
No. Pay 50% of your total at booking to secure the date, balance due 7 days before the event.

How many hours can I rent The D Loft?
Rent The D Loft in 4 hour increments or 12 hours total.

Do I have to have security?
The D Loft reserves the right to determine if security is needed for events. Security is required for any event after 9pm.

How much is the security deposit?
A minimum of $250 refundable deposit is required for all events.

Have more questions? Ready to book?

Contact a member of The D Loft Alliance at 313.879.0750, or click the Contact D Loft Alliance button to send a message.