Honey-Shaneisha Erquhart-Edwards

Beautiful and the place to have your occasions. Very clean professional people #Boom

Letesha Besant

The event I went to was relaxing, calm, great crowd, great food, no drama & queens all around. Their 1st Mothers Day Brunch and it was all around nice!

Charles A. Stokes

Great positive atmosphere! Very Nice GlassBlock Bar😊😊!!

Fatima Anne Fleming

Very beautiful venue. I can be used for a plethora of events. Love you ladies.

Ulysses Brown

Very nice location. Can't wait to work there again

Sonya Weaver

I love the space...the bi-level is a good feature. It's airy and spacious. And most of all 4 beautiful women are the proprietors.

Deanna Issobeautiful Key

This Place Is Place Is Beautiful!!!!!

Ariss Pierce

I was there for the grand opening and it was fabulous. A perfect fit for any event! The decorators' attention to detail is awesome and the beautiful blank white space makes it easy to transform into whatever your hearts desires!

Mua Jessica Lippett

It was totally dope can't wait to go back! Hopefully my 30th bday event will be held at the DLoft!

Tina Gaines

This is a top of the line venue. Perfect for any event. From decorations to the atmosphere, you will love hosting and event. Book yours today.

Tamika Johnson

This is a beautiful space for a event. Love the 2 levels.

Mary Morgan

I had my 1 Year Business Anniversary Celebration here, everything was wonderful! My guest truly enjoyed Th D Loft's beautiful design.

Imani Henderson

Beautiful, versatile venue with excellent customer service!

Shad Bowens

Cora Lee operates with excellence. If she's a part of it, it's world-class!

Channel BadSo

Awesomeness. Love the mission D Girls unite and created something amazing.

Ann Blaccberry

I had a wonderful experience yesterday at the DLoft for my first vendor event. The DLoft team were very professional, made sure that we had everything we needed before, during, and after. It was a very nice atmosphere for myself am I guest that attended. I look forward to throwing more events and doing business with them. Casey Carter